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What is your symptom?

Ear pain can arise from structures other than the ear canal and the middle ear, for examples, the throat cancer can also cause such symptom.

Ear discharge can be clear or turbid. The latter one indicates some sorts of infection in the ear.

Itchiness can be a sign of infection or simply dun to some kind of allergy reaction. Even ear wax can let you have itchy ear.

Ear bleeding occurs when your ear gets hurt or in more severe case, fracture of the temporal bone. Infection of middle ear and external ear can also result in bloody discharge.

Ear Block is commonly caused by ear wax packing and Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Sound arising from the ear or head can be a sign of having tumors near the ear or a sign of hearing loss. Other less common causes include ear wax packing.

Hearing Loss (Sudden Deafness / Deafness)

Any damage to the ear structures (outer, middle, inner) and the brain will result in sudden deafness or deafness. People who are unable to hear below 20dB are considered to be deaf.

Hearing Loss Pure Tone Audiometry Hearing Loss Pure Tone Audiometry
Vertigo / Dizziness

Subjective Sense of imbalance with moving scene is considered to be having vertigo or dizziness. It can be intermittent or continued. The most commonly causes we have seen each day is meniere’s disease.

Hearing assessment may be required in some cases.