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Communication Problems

Who need a speech therapy assessment?

With the standardized and non-standardized assessment tools, the speech therapist can give an accurate diagnosis on ones speech and language abilities (>1.5 years old). A speech therapist is also qualiified to assess for ones swallowing ability.

If you have any query on yours or your family member's speech, language or swallowing ability, you/ your familiy member is recommended to come for a speech therapy assessment. The speech therapist will provide you/ your family member with a comprehensive diagnosis and further training recommendation if needed.

Please call: 3106-8682

Will bilingualism lead to language delay?

Bilingualism may lead to confusion on the use of words, sentence building and pronunciation during the language acquisition stage of a child.

If your child has remarkable delay in expressive/ receptive lanaguage development under a blingual environment, we suggest you to communicate with your child with a mono-language first.

You can seek for professional advice from the Speech Therapist.

Please call: 3106-8682。

How to make use of toys to facilitate the child language development?

Play is an effective way to facilitate a child's language development. The parents should pay attention on the characteristics of the toy sets, so as to teach their children to talk by making use of the toy sets.

Does the toy set facilitate 2-way communication?
Does it fit into the child's interests and abilities?

Please refer to Our services and then Speech Therapy for further information.

Is there any treatment for stuttering?

Stuttering (repetitioin of words, inappropriate pausing or blockage during speech, difficulties in sentence initiation, etc) can be a developmental, a hereditary or a psychogenic problem. Its severity varies under different communication environment or with different communication partners.

With professional assessment and training on speech fluency, the stuttering characteristics of ones speech can be effectively eliminated.

For further information, please feel free to contact our speech therapist at 3106 8682.

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