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Sleep Problems

What is Obstructive Sleep Aponea

Obstructive sleep aponea describe the condition that a patient have breathing pauses during sleep as a result of obstructions in the upper airway. Such pauses can happen hundreds of times every nights during sleep and each pause may last from a few seconds to minutes. This causes lowering of oxygen concentration in the blood, frequent awakenings and hence sleep of poor quality and in long term detrimental effects to the heart and brain.

Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Aponea in Adults

  • Night symptoms

    • Loud habitual snoring

    • Episodic cessation of breathing or snoring

    • Sudden awakening

    • Nocturia

    • Excessive sweating

  • Day symptoms

    • Excessive sleepiness

    • Loss of energy and fatigue

    • Morning headache

    • Loss of concentration

    • Easy forgetfulness

    • Mood change and irritability

    • Sexual dysfunction

Pediatric ENT Symptoms - Obstructive Sleep Aponea

  • Pediatric ENT Symptoms - Obstructive Sleep Aponea

    • Loud habitual snoring

    • Episodic cessation of snoring or breathing

    • Restless sleep or frequent turning

    • Abnormal sleeping position

    • Mouth breathing

    • Night terrors or sleep walking

    • Excessive sweating

    • Enuresis

  • Day symptoms

    • Difficulty in waking up

    • Excessive sleepiness

    • Short attention span and poor concentration

    • Mood changes and irritability

    • Dry mouth

    • Failure to thrive

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