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 ENT Problems

Ear Pain

Lots of different problems e.g. acute infection of middle ear, nerves problem can act as single causes or combined causes giving rise to ear pain.

Hearing problem

Hearing problem severely impedes the growth of a child as it affects the speech and cognitive development adversely. In the cases of congenital problems, hearing aids or implants is used to improve the hearing. If there is fluid behind the ear drum and impedes the hearing, insertion of tubes to drain out the fluid is recommended.




Paediatric Audiological Assessment


Otitis Media


Wax Impaction

Discharge from ear

The cause is mainly due to ear infections


Acute Otitis Media with Perforation and Discharge The cause is mainly due to ear infections

Running nose

It is commonly seen in children. The usual cause is Rhinitis, either acute or chronic. One thing that has to pay attention to is the color of discharge. Another common cause is insertion of foreign bodies into the nostrils.

Nose bleeding

For those who have chronic rhinitis e.g. hay fever, nose bleeding can happen frequently as there are frequent irritation of nose and thus severe nose block. Nose bleed in child is usually a minor case when compared to an adult as the bleeding point is at the front cavity of the nose. If the bleeding cannot be stopped in 30 min, immediate medical care is necessary.

epistaxis (2).jpg

Thin Nasal Lining

Normal Nasal Lining

Snoring And OSA

Loud habitual snoring and pauses of breathing during sleep pose severe adverse effect on health and intellectual development of children. Medical assessment is required if any of the following symptoms present:

  • Night symptoms

    • Loud habitual snoring

    • Episodic cessation of snoring or breathing

    • Restless sleep or frequent turning

    • Abnormal sleeping position

    • Mouth breathing

    • Night terrors or sleep walking

    • Excessive sweating

    • Enuresis ( wetting the bed at night)

  • Day symptoms

    • Difficulty in waking up

    • Excessive sleepiness

    • Short attention span and poor concentration

    • Mood changes and irritability

    • Dry mouth

    • Failure to thrive


Tonsillar Hypertrophy (Enlargement)

Recurrent sore throat

When there is recurrent sore throat, we may consider the child has recurrent tonsillitis. Generalized fatigue and fever are accompanied with the symptom of sore throat.


Acute Tonsillitis

Hoarseness of Voice

It is commonly seen in children which is mainly due to overuse of voice. Speech therapy is the option of treatment in such cases.

Speech delay

There are many causes that give rise to speech delay which is a kind of speech problems. From the ENT point of view, hearing assessment is performed as impaired hearing might be the cause of speech delay.

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