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What is your symptom?


Teary eyes

It is commonly caused by rhinitis with or without infection and the blockage of tear ducts.

Runny nose

Colors of the discharge from nose indicate the type of rhinitis (inflammation of nose) you have.

Nasal Obstruction

Nose blockage can be caused by tumors in nose or aberrant growth of bones in nose. Polyps in nose and allergic rhinitis can also cause nose blockage. Breathing through mouth, as a result of nose block, will give rise to dry mouth, snoring and even cessation of airflow during sleep (sleep apnea)


Turbinate Hypertrophy

Nose Bleed

Nose pricking, nose injuries and sneezing hardly can cause nose bleed. Immediate medical treatment is necessary if there is a severe or heavy nose bleed. Uncommon conditions like cancer also cause nose bleed.

Itchy Nose


Dilated Left Retro - columellar Vein


Nasal Polyp


Tumour over Right Nasopharynx

Itchy nose is a sign of hay fever (i.e. allergic rhinitis)

Sneezing Nose

Sneezing nose a sign of hay fever or cold.

Nose pain

It happens when there is injury to the nose or there is a severe infection to nose and nearby tissues and structures.

Post-nasal drip

Accumulation of mucus at the back of throat is very common in old people. Hacking cough is resulted.


Post-nasal Drip 1

Post-nasal Drip 2

Post-nasal Drip 3

Problems with nose shape

Nose, being in the centre of the face, outlines the beauty of our faces. Unfavorable nose shapes include crooked nose, deviated nose, big or short nose, nose hump and hooked nose.

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