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Allergic Care Barrier, Pillow Cover, Comforter

House dust is a mixture of various waste materials like animal dander, fabric fibres, dust mites, bacteria, cockroach parts, mould spores, food particles and other debris. However, it is the house dust mite allergen that is the most common contributor to allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic eczema.

Allergens and irritants have no place between the sheets. And to keep them out, we've developed a unique technology that prevents dust, dust mites, and associated allergens from entering your bed. Tightly woven yarns of unique technology keep irritants out while allowing air and moisture vapor to pass through.


Laundry Products for allergy sufferers

Neutralize protein allergens of dust mites, moulds, pet dander, pollens.

  • Neutralize Protein allergens of dust mites, molds, pet dander, pollens and other common indoor allergens on contact.

  • Help control fleas, termites, ants and cockroaches.

  • Ready-to-use by spray on any water washable fabrics, upholstery, furniture, which formulated for allergy sufferers especially dust mite allergy.

Carpet Care


Pet Control

Fur or feathers of animals do not cause the reaction! Rather, it is the protein found in the saliva, dander (dead skin flakes) or urine of an animal.

  • Good for dogs, cats and small animals.

  • Neutralize dust mite protein allergen and overcome skin problem of pets caused by dust mites.

  • Neutralize allergen in pet dander and limit a major allergen for us.


Moulds are found almost everywhere - both indoors and outdoors. Warm and humid condition will encourage mould growth. Thus hot and humid tropical environment like Hong Kong are perfect for mould to growth. For outdoor environments, they grow best in shady and damp areas. Moulds spore produced outdoors can be widely spread and then enter homes along with air flows.

Moulds can also growth within air conditioning systems. This could be a source of sick building syndrome or building related illness, including allergic reactions.

Moulds Control

Skincare Products

The allergic skin care products are free of phosphates, perfumes and colorants and are recommended by allergists and dermatologists.

Allergen Avoidance Products

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