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Ear Problems

Why do children get ear infections?

There are several other reasons why children get ear infections. Children are much more prone to upper respiratory infections of all kinds. Other risk factors include young age, day care attendance, smoking in the household, and lack of breast feeding. A combination of these risk factors, plus a poorly developed eustachian tube, often leads to otitis media in a young child. Most children will have had one to two cases of otitis before age two.

Tinnitus, what does it mean?

Tinnitus is a signal of the body dysfunction, which may resolve naturally or by medications. Concurrence of tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss are symptoms of Meinere's disease. In addition, renal failure, and severe anaemia can also present tinnitus in some people.

What is the relationship between Tinnitus and Hearing Loss?

Tinnitus is an auditory hallucination, and the source of noise cannot be explained physiologically. Severe Hearing Loss is more likely to get Tinnitus, but Tinnitus will not cause any Hearing loss. About 70% of patients will recover from Tinnitus or lessen the condition, with the use of medication.

Influenza and Hearing Loss

Influenza can cause discomfort of nose and throat, also the ears. The Flu virus may migrate to ears leading chronic otitis media. Sufferers will experience descendant hearing with effusion of pus. Ear bone erosion, dizziness, and hearing loss with sensorineural damage are presentations in severe condition.

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